Tatch Capital Limited

Trading Room 

A trading group has been set upon Telegram. 
Group is free but reserved to +100 TCNs holders.
Futur subscription fees will be fully entitled to buy & burn policy.

Investors Q&A

2018 Q&A interview with early investors.
To be released soon.

White Paper

Recently corrected, read our white paper and learn more about Tatch Capital


Logo and pictures in HD of Tatch Capital Limited

Business Madlibs

A quick elevator speech on Tatch Capital

Colour Paper

Coming for ‘RC’ versioning, cfr Roadmap

TCN Brochure

Small documentation about TCN

TCN Backwardisation Policy

Coming for ‘RC’ versioning, cfr Roadmap

 Bitshares Plateform

Bitshares DEX Guide 

All you need to know about Bitshares, thanks @richcg for this awesome guide


Beside the embedded explorer to the wallet you can find info about asset, members, transactions,... from cryptofresh

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Bitshares is DAO that include a referral program. Get a lifetime membership and promote the plateform. More info

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Actively participate in the buy & burn policy. Send TCN to burn at