At Tatch Capital Limited and in the interest of providing our partners, clients and visitors with the best possible experience, we feel it is imperative for all investors as well as TatchCoins Holders, and this regardless of their previous experience, to be as well informed as possible about the risks involved. Tatch Capital Limited is a newly formed private company (Start-up) involved in trading on margin and leveraged markets, also referred to in this document as 'the Company'. Risks and volatility on investing in such company are very high. More than 40% of newly formed trading companies fail within their first year. Year on Year less than 50% of them are in profits !


Analysis provided by this website and its owners are subjectives, sometimes automated and may not be suitable to you !
Keep in mind that we do not know you personally. Tatch Capital only makes financial models, analysis and theories conveniently accessible to you, none of its outcomes can be guaranteed.
Most importantly, when investing you may lose some or all of your capital. You may lose lose even more than all your capital is some cases, especially in regards to leveraged and margin markets !
You remain fully liable for any actions that you may take.
Please seek independent advice and consider all options in relation to your financial situation.

Tatch Capital Limited is proprietary trading firm. Trading forex/CFD's/ETF's on margin carries a high level of risk and invest in a private company doing business trading those products may not be suitable for all investors as you could sustain losses in excess of deposits. Leverage can work against the Company. Be aware and fully understand all risks associated with the Company and trading. Prior to investing in Tatch Capital Limited, inclusive of all branches, you should carefully consider your financial situation and experience level. Tatch Capital Limited may provide general commentary which is not intended as investment advice and must not be construed as such. Seek advice from a separate financial advisor. Tatch Capital Limited assumes no liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions; does not warrant the accuracy, completeness of information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials. Which included but it's not limited to all company social media publication, forum publication, direct message, mail, email, etc.


The Company is trading foreign exchange on margin as well as similar markets which carries a high level of risk, and investing in the Company may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest products offered by the Company you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and level of experience. Tatch Capital Limited maintains its registered office in Honk Kong. Our operating servers are located in London, New York, Sidney and Hong Kong. The Company may provide general commentary without regard to your objectives, financial situation or needs. General advice given, or the content of this website are not intended to be personal advice and should not be construed as such. The possibility exists that you could sustain complete loss on your money used to buy company products or services. In certains cases loss can be in excess of your deposited funds. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin in general. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from an independent and trusted financial advisor. the Company doesn't manage funds for others and never will !


There are risks associated with utilising an internet-based trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and internet connection. Since the Company does not control signal power, its reception or routing via the internet, configuration of your equipment or reliability of its connection, we cannot be responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays when investing via the internet. The Company employs backup systems and contingency plans to minimise the possibility of system failure, which includes allowing clients direct contact via telephone.


Tatch Capital Limited is reliant on external providers for currency and financial products pricing. Although this model promotes efficiency and competition for market pricing, there are certain limitations to liquidity that can affect the final execution of our transaction resulting in significant loss for the company equity. As an example when Switzerland Central Bank stopped pegging the CHF to the EUR, market made a huge gap, many proprietary trading company as well as brokers and market makers, especially those using high leveraged went bankrupt in minutes ! We consider the trading industry to be the most competitive, dangerous and ruthless industry in the world.


There are times when, in volatility or volume, orders from the Company may be subject to slippage. Slippage most commonly occurs during fundamental news events or periods of limited liquidity. Instances such as trade rollover (5pm EST) is a known period in which the amount of liquidity tends to be limited as many liquidity providers settle transactions for that day. During periods such as these, the Company orders type, quantity demanded, and specific order instructions can have an impact on the overall execution received resulting in unexpected losses.


Regarding services with mandatory registration, customers are committed to register themselves by applying for a user name and password. Tatchcapital.com is entitled to verify the applicant’s reliabilty with means at their diposal. Once granted, access authorization is non-transferable.
The customer is entitled to transfer access data to employees bound by instruction in terms of business.
The Company customer, apart from possible liability of the third party, is liable especially for actions of the third party which are performed in his account, as well as for an agent.
The customers are responsible themselves for nondisclosure of access data. The customer is also responsible for costs caused by other persons via his account. The customer is committed to protect passwords and access data from unwanted third party access, misuse and loss. He excuses tatchcapital.com from costs and claims of third parties which occur from breach of the abovementioned duties.


Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices, or other information contained on but not limited to the Company website, all company social media presence, forum presence, direct message, mail, email, phone call, slack channels, steemit blog post, online commentary, discussions, etc. is provided as general market commentary, and does not constitute investment advice. Tatch Capital Limited will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. Tatch Capital Limited is NOT an advising company nor a management company and as not intentions to become any of those in the short or middle-term.




It is the responsibility of any person (the « User » or the « Users ») anywhere in this Univers wishing to use the website as to full observance of the laws of any relevant territory in connection therewith, including obtaining any requisite governmental or other consents, observing any other formalities required to be observed in such territory.

Opinions and estimates should be regarded as indicative, preliminary, strictly non-binding and for illustrative purposes only. All example statements and any indicative terms given are strictly indicative and may be based on certain implicit and explicit assumptions which may or may not be disclosed and which will need verification in any specific case.

Expected return and volatility are for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed.

Swanest and Sapia make no guarantee of the performance of any portfolio or that any objectives will be achieved. Force majeure events may delay or prevent the portfolios fulfilling its obligations.

Please note that there may be tax effects which need to be considered and do not form part of the analysis provided. Any person considering investments should consider carefully the information provided as a whole and their personal circumstances.


Past performance does not imply that future trends will follow the same or similar patterns. Forecasts, such as those contained in the Returns Calculator, may not be achieved. External factors which are not under our control may impact future performance.


As far as the customer uploads contents protected by copyright or law into a service of tatchcapital.com, he grants the non-exclusive, worldwide and indefinite right to tatchcapital.com as well as to his affiliates to use the contents exclusively for the purposes to render the service in the respective extent. In order to be able to offer the respective service, tatchcapital.com neets to store and host the contents on servers where necessary. In particular, the right of use entitles tatchcapital to technically reproduce, change and analyze contents and share them with third party companies to ensure service provision. Moreover, the customer entitles tatchcapital to grant public access to his contents exclusively in case he intends to because of the nature of the service or if the parties explicitly agreed on public access. The right of granting public access expires as soon as the customer removes uploaded content from the service or cancels the definition of public access. Certain services, especially the use of the tatchcapital.com shops and coloured coins purchase can be liable to additional conditions granting further rights.
The customer is obliged to use the service according to the actual Terms of Conditions, Terms of Use and respective legislation which can be subject to modifications at any time. In case of gross violations, tatchcapital is entitled to block access or terminate the contract without notice at any time.
If not agreed upon, the customer is not allowed to share his account with another person (regardless of whether legal or natural). If the customer uses the services of tatchcapital.com for a company, he agrees to the present terms and conditions to be legally binding for this company, with the customer’s personal liability from the contract remaining untouched. The company holds tatchcapital.com as well as all companies affiliated to tatchcapital together with employees, representatives and co-workers harmless and excuses them from lawsuits or charges related to the use of the service or infringement of the present terms and conditions, inlcluding all charges and costs due to lawsuits, losses, damages, trials, verdicts as well as court and lawyers’ fees. The customer is in particular obliged to use all contents made available through the service exclusively as intended and for his own use. Hereof excluded are statistical charts and screenshots of the customer’s account, if the tatchcapital copyright remains maintained and the origin of such documents remains obvious. Regarding the digital use of such documents, it needs to be linked with the homepage tatchcapital.com.
Upon concluding a contract, the customer is exclusively responsible for the accurate selection and the attention to truth regarding the contents. The customer is not allowed to maintain contents in his account that are in violation of the existing laws, especially criminal, copyright, competition laws etc. or infringe third party rights as trademark, personal, naming laws etc. The customer excuses tatchcapital.com completely from any claims asserted by a third party because of such contents and bears all costs incurred by necessary legal representation of tatchcapital.com. Tatchcapital.com is not obliged to verify contents uploaded for analysis by the customer regarding legal admissibility or possible infringement of third party rights. If tatchcapital.com comes across illegal maintained contents, it is entitled to delete or block those contents partially or entirely at it’s own discretion without previous notification of the customer. The right of deletion is given in particular if transmitted data has illegal or adverse content which infringes third party rights and/or the present terms and conditions. Claims of the customer regarding valid deletion or blocking of accessibility are excluded.
If the use of a service requires or includes downloadable software of tatchcapital.com, tatchcapital.com grants the customer the personal, global, non-transferable, non-exclusive and, as far as not explicitly marked differently, gratuitous right to use the tatchcapital.com software provided within the scope of the service for the contract duration. The concession of usage rights exclusively serves to enable the customer to use the services provided by tatchcapital.com according to the present conditions. The customer is not allowed to reproduce, change, spread, sell or rent out any part of the services of tatchcapital.com or the contained software. Moreover, the customer is not allowed to develop the software backwards (Reverse Engineering) or to extract the source code. Exceptions apply if compulsively legal or if tatchcapital.com has provided written consent.


This page is NOT an exhaustive list of all risks involved nor applicable disclaimers, many others risks exist such as for instances:An a 'Act of God', Wars, Political instability, Climate Changes, Earthquakes, Tsunami and others.The future is unknowable. We have good intentions but all of our projections and estimates will be wrong, and could be materially wrong. Trading and commercial activites are expensive, speculative and potentially dangerous. The Company might sustain significant losses. Our liability is limited by common shares but it may not be enough. You could lose your entire investment. In case you'are unsure about anything please leave this website. In case of any losses you could sustain please no tears. Here is some additional disclaimers, cautions and warnings: Above terms subject to change without notice. Adults only. All federal, state and local income and other taxes are solely the responsibility of the customer, investors and in some cases even just visitors. All materials copyrighted. All orders subject to review. All sales final. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Always drive on roads, not on people. Avoid alcoholic beverages while using products or services. Limitations: Upon open account, the customer needs to check bills, closings of accounts and statements of balances of tatchcapital.com immediately for correctness and completeness. tatchcapital.com can except accrued default interest from closings of accounts and statements of balances and bill them separately. Objections against closings of accounts and statements of balances need to be raised within 5 days from access, other objections immediately. Failure of objections in due time is considered approval. tatchcapital.com will point out the consequences of failure of seasonable objectsions specifically on notifications of closings of accounts, statements of balances and other bills. Legal claims regarding justified objections after deadline expiration will remain unaffected. If neither intent, gross negligence or warranty of tatchcapital.com are present, tatchcapital.com is not liable for collateral damage such as loss of profit.