Introduction to Tatch Blockchain Assets

Tatch Capital is trading company with its own ‘currency’, Tatch Capital Note, also knows as ‘TatchCoin’.
Each TCN entitles its owners to 50% of the company net profits as per company policy.

We run our own wallet, which includes our ‘ventures’ assets, under tcl.XXX ticker name.
Those are assets based on cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology pegged with a business model. Each tcl.XXX assets carry interests that pay out 100% of the net profits toward TCN holders.

Transaction fees on those assets are pledge to TCN dividend/buyback policy*


Blockchain Assets


Tatch Capital Note or ‘Tatchcoin’ is the core cryptocurrency of the company.

It aim to be the best store of value and entitles holders to 50% of company net profits.

Transaction fees (3%) goes entirely to TCN holders. 

In 2017 it paid a 7% Net interest.



tcl.SILVER is a Tatch Capital Limited issued asset upon Bitshares blockchain.
1 tcl.SILVER = 1 TATCH SILVER COIN of 1 once.

Company keep account at the very least the same amont of tcl.SILVER and 1oz TATCH SILVER COIN in its vaults. 

All tcl.SILVER holder can request delivery of an equivalent of 1:1 of his tcl.SILVER in TATCH SILVER COIN*.

Transaction fees (1%) goes to TCN holders.
*Delivery costs apply



tcl.GULDEN is a Tatch Capital Limited issued asset.
Initial issuance is limited to 21M tcl.GULDEN.

1 tcl.GULDEN = 1 NLG locked in witnessing accounts.

Company keep NLGs in witnessing in very low latency dedicated servers in differents locations and multiples accounts.

Profits from witnessing going to tcl.GULDEN holders via buy & burn policy of 90% of net profits, 10% goes to TCN  buy & burn policy

Transaction fees (1%) goes to TCN holders.



bridge.NLG is a Crypto-Bridge issued asset.

Tatch Capital team up with Crypto Bridge to bring a Gulden… bridge. will use bridge.NLG as ‘reserve cryptocurrency’.
All our Dashboard assets are available as NLG pairs.

1 bridge.NLG = 1 NLG